Blocks – Modular Smartwatch


Blocks – Modular Smartwatch

June 2, 2015

Project Ara has evolved.

A few years ago Project Ara was announced by Motorola and since then the project has been moving ahead and they’ve even done a public demo. If you’re not aware of what Project Ara is, it’s a modular smartphone – meaning you can choose what you want more of in your phone, need more battery life? Add the larger battery¬†module. Want more storage? Add the large storage module. It’s a one-size-fits-all smartphone.

Well move over Project Ara, Blocks is here. Blocks is a modular smartwatch, it uses the band and face to connect all the modules together, which is a really clever use of space – every other smart watch has used the band as… well a band.

Watch the video below, it explains the concept and it’s awesome.