Amazon – Prime Air. Delivery of packages by drone

December 2, 2013
Amazon - Manless Drones

Amazon has filled the gap between science fiction and reality. They’ve just announced their new shipping method (to be launch in 2015)… Manless Drones.

They’ll be flying parcels straight from their distribution centres in unmanned drones, through the city airspace to deliver your package in under 30 minutes from placing your order.

The concept is amazing, watch the YouTube video below and judge for yourself.

Amazon – Prime Air

Click Frenzy – Proves sites aren’t mobile optimised

November 21, 2013
Click Frenzy

Click Frenzy has released some interesting statistics about their latest sale. They’ve said that 15.9% of traffic was generated by smart phones, but only 3.7% of sales were completed on handsets.

This statistic alone shows us that the process of purchasing goods online is not as simple as it should be. Brands need to update their sites and make sure all areas are optimised for mobile.

AdNews – Click Frenzy Report

Coin – One card to rule them all

November 15, 2013

Coin – It’s a product that allows you to join all your credit cards into one. It connects with a smart phone to allow to you merge your cards and has a low powered blue tooth connection to let you know when your card is left behind.

A hard concept to explain, but a very interesting idea that could change the way people use their wallet.