sketch that rebrand

October 29, 2014

It was time for a facelift. Over the coming weeks we’ll be rebranding our site to match the look-and-feel of the blog page. I look forward to your feedback.

Chrome Start-Up Tabs

July 3, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 12.27.51 pm

Every time I open a new tab on Chrome I look at a blank page – it’s so boring.

I just installed a Chrome Plugin called Startup Tabs, now each time I open a new tab an exciting new startup is loaded into my new tab which helps me try to keep up with the ever evolving start up scene and discover new helpful applications and websites.

The plugin boasts that it has 1000s of users, I’m unsure of how many start-ups it has on record, but I believe they get vetted before going online which reduces spammy pages being served to your new tab.

I highly recommend you check it out – and if you have a start up, submit your details to the website so you can start reaching a large audience.

2013 The Year In KickStarter

January 9, 2014
Review of Kick Starter in 2013

KickStarter is a great website to keep an eye on for interesting up and coming projects. In 2013 I backed a couple of small projects and received my products throughout the year after the campaign had completed. It would come to no surprise that I back mainly tech projects, but there is so much more to the website then tech.

I flicked through the 2013 The Year In KickStarter slideshow and was surprised by some of the stuff that people backed. Sending satellites into space, backing a film that went on to win an Oscar, sending rappers to North Korea. The list goes on and on, it’s incredible.

3 Simple Ways to Time Travel

October 29, 2013
Three easy ways to time travel.

I’ve recently been reading the book “A Short History of Nearly Everything” by Bill Bryson. It goes into a little detail on nearly everything. Through physics, the earth, science, clouds the discovery of dinosors and so on.

It went into detail on gravity, time and mass – in particular e = mc2. This video has done a nice job of summing up the time-travel part of the book and I recommend everyone to watch it.


China Paris

October 20, 2013
Paris in China

China has been busy building and expanding it’s cities. They’ve been buying up lots of resources from Australia. Have you ever wondered what they are doing with those mining materials?

They’ve been building Paris. It’s kind of creepy, but also somewhere I’m interested in visiting. China has a lot of other famous cities cloned into it’s landscape across the country.


Bounce Imaging Explorer

October 18, 2013
Bounce Imaging Explorer

Bounce Imaging have created a cool new tool that can be used to protect people in search and discovery missions and take the guess work out of field work. The tool is a ball shape object that can be thrown into a room and will stream a live audio and visual feed back to the originators smart phone.

The concept is quiet simple, but it’s tools like this that are helping shape the playground for device connectivity. Applications on smart-phones are engaging and flashy, but the majority of them aren’t particularly useful. We need more tools like this that leverage the smart phones capabilities.


Planet Without Star Found

October 12, 2013
Lonely Planet

Some astronomers have discovered a new planet that has no host star. It floats around by itself and has be called the loneliest object in space.

I don’t understand how the astronomers have been able to spot an object in space that has no light from a host star shining on it… Never the less, it’s fairly interesting.