Googles No Captcha reCaptcha


Googles No Captcha reCaptcha

December 4, 2014

Google announced on their blog this morning that they’ve developed a new way to detect bots without using those annoying captcha images that are hard to read and ruin the sign up experience for the website.

Whenever I develop a project that needs users to register an account I’ll setup reCaptcha by Google. It’s easy enough to install and stops a lot of abuse / bot signups. I believe that some still get through, but not many. I’m interested to try out the new No Captcha reCaptcha system by Google. Instead of having to enter the text in the captcha box, you just have to tick a checkbox to confirm you’re not a bot and Google will perform a risk assessment and let the user through or present them with a traditional reCaptcha image.

Watch the video below or visit Googles Official Blog to find out more information.