Instagram Experiment


Instagram Experiment

September 21, 2015

Recently I developed a small application which helped Instagram accounts gain traction in their space. It assisted in getting accounts more followers, likes and comments.

It started as an experiment to see;

a. How easy it was to use Instagram APIs.
b. See how popular an inactive and active Instagram account can be with little effort.
c. Build a membership without any hands-on marketing.

The experiment came to an end today because Instagram have updated their API Terms of Service and what I was doing is no longer allowed.

I started a website an associated Inactive Instagram account and Active Instagram account.

In nine months I was able to get 1,395 followers to my inactive Instagram account. Inactive means I hadn’t posted any photos, comments or even logged into the account since I started it.

On my active account the story was different. I gained over 5,149 followers and on average had over 200 likes and many comments per photo posted. In nine months I posted 104 photos. Averages out to roughly one every 2.5 days.

My application received over 300 registrations and was responsible for liking 7.2 million Instagram photos.

This was all without any advertising, I simply setup my application to like other users Instagram photos, then the traffic started coming to my pages and website.

I’m wanting to explore this space a bit more and plan on updating the site with some different functionality to see what other metrics I can pull from my data.