Road Legal Autonomous Truck

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Road Legal Autonomous Truck

May 6, 2015

It’s fair to say that I have an odd interest in autonomous vehicles, particularly autonomous cars. Companies like Tesla are on the road (Please excuse the pun) to make autonomous cars come alive in the next few years. They’ll make every day life easier, they’ll end the road toll but also they’ll kill the taxi industry over night.

Freightliner just announced their first truck that is capable of towing semi trailers over the country – and it’s already doing so in Nevada. It makes sense for the trucking industry to invest in autonomous vehicles, having their trucks on the road 24/7 with drivers and human error is a huge expense. If you can remove the human touch, the trucks will be much more effective and arrive in better time and safely.

Right now, the truck does need a driver, but  it can read road signs and obey traffic signals. I can only assume moving forward once it’s been better tested and trusted that drive will be removed and it will drive itself.

Read more about it on Twitter. @freightliner